Educational funding Disbursement and Changes

Course Improvements

If you add a training course(s) after your hours are locked/frozen:

  • Federal grants won't be increased.
  • Hawaii of Illinois Monetary Award Program Grant (Est) can be increased, if eligible.
  • Federal student loans can't be disbursed before the student is enrolled at minimum half time (6 hours) and it is actually attending at the least 6 hours of these classes.

Course Withdrawals

  • In the event that you withdraw from all your courses after the 100% reimbursement duration, and now have Federal funds and/or Federal Direct Loans, a calculation is conducted to find out when there is paid down aid eligibility. This could cause a balance due in your Harper account.
  • If you drop/withdraw from any course(s) in the 100% reimbursement duration, federal and state funds could be recalculated. This could lead to a stability due in your Harper account.
  • If you're a Federal Perform research pupil and you drop/withdraw below half time (6 credit hours), you certainly will lose eligibility and will no longer work.
  • When you have Federal Direct Loans and drop/withdraw from a training course(s) in the 100% reimbursement period that brings your hours that are total half time (6 credit hours), your loans are going to be completely terminated. This could end in a stability due in your Harper account.
  • Any changes in enrollment may affect your award if you have a scholarship. This could end up in a stability due in your Harper account.

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